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Welcome to my site.
I am a software engineer interested in visualization and design tools. I mostly use C++ now, and I've written some articles on template programming using the Boost MPL library, and also on some changes coming in C++0x.
I've also been using Erlang lately, in order to get a feel for an "easy" declarative language, and to experiment with loosely-coupled (message-based) massive multi-processing.
My email is nealabq -at-

Heat Wave

Have a look at Heat Wave, my experimental computer app for solving the heat and wave equations. It's written in C++ and uses OpenGL for 3D graphics. It includes the following features:
  • Solves the Heat Equation (∂u/∂t = k∇²u) numerically over a 2D sheet of values.
  • Solves the damped Wave Equation (∂²u/∂t² = c²∇²u).
  • Forward-difference solver
  • Backward-difference solver
  • Central-difference (Crank-Nicolson) solver
  • Multi-threaded: Solver uses all available cores.
  • Rich graphics with many display options
  • Many animation options
  • Uses Qt for a cross-platform UI.
  • Written in C++ -- fast, small memory footprint
  • Available for free. Just r-click and save the EXE.
Heat Wave produced the background image and the pictures on the right.


Ixacta make Ixsite, a website analyzer and site management tool that makes it easy to keep your website error free.

Blog — Code Obscurata

I occasionally write to a blog called Code Obscurata. Most of the entries have to do with C++, Erlang, and Lisp programming. The C++ posts tend to focus on template meta-programming, using Boost MPL.