The peaches are ripe

The peaches on the tree are getting ripe. It’s about 2-3 weeks later than last year because we had a cool spring and summer. This summer had a lot fewer 90+ degree days this year, but I think the biggest factor is that the spring bloom was at least two weeks later.

We give away a lot, eat a few, and freeze the rest.

They’re nothing like store peaches.

Our Town

I was just making some lunch and listening to Iris DeMent singing Our Town (YouTube). It’s a great song.


At my house we have a closet under the stairs. The door to it is in the back of another closet. It’s like Harry Potter’s room. It’s where my kids have secret meetings.

I crawl in there twice a year, once to get the Christmas stuff, and later to put it away again. But I’m not sure I’ll be able to find anything this year.

You see, I just caught a glimpse in there and the floor is covered with 6 inches of pure mess. The closet has become a black hole for junk, an archeological midden, the sewer bottom for missing toy pieces and socks and books. I know how King Augeas felt.

Hope there’s no pizza in there.

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