The peaches are ripe

The peaches on the tree are getting ripe. It’s about 2-3 weeks later than last year because we had a cool spring and summer. This summer had a lot fewer 90+ degree days this year, but I think the biggest factor is that the spring bloom was at least two weeks later.

We give away a lot, eat a few, and freeze the rest.

They’re nothing like store peaches.

Diet Pepsi and Coffee

I’m drinking diet Pepsi mixed with black coffee. S’good.

(Hmm, that looks like a tweet. I’m micro-blogging.)

Marshmallow fluff

You know how great hot chocolate is with marshmallows? Well, you can also use marshmallow fluff! It melts faster than marshmallows, and you probably get the equivalent of about 50 marshmallows in a tablespoon. It’s like the mashed up marshmallows you used to make when you were a kid, except that turned brown because you forgot to wash your hands.