Publishing papers using WordPress

I was looking my notes on MPI, the message-passing interface used for multi-processing, and I’ve moved some of them to this blog (under papers). I’ve organized the notes into about 20 separate pages so far, with more planned. Here is the root-level MPI page.

But I don’t think WordPress is the right tool to publish stuff like this. First of all, although WordPress provides an in-browser editor for these pages, but you only want to use it for touch up and minor edits. It’s easy to discard work, and it’s slow.

WordPress also provides only rudimentary page organization tools. The 20-odd pages there now are already getting cumbersome, and the whole thing will be impossible when it gets to 50 pages. I like a lot of short linked pages so this is a major problem.

I had to mark the 20 pages as “published” to make them public, and there is no way to publish all the pages as a group. Instead I had to go to each page individually. Each page takes about 30 seconds.

Finally there’s not very good support for things like up/previous/next links, TOC, or index. All these can be defined, but I was hoping for something built in.

So I’m going to experiment with a more complete CMS, maybe Drupal or Joomla. A wiki might be a good experiment too.